BRANDS: children’s

 • Designed in the UK by Fiona Walker


 • Hand cut and hand sewn, 100% pure sheeps wool, sustainable


 • Wall Décor, easy to mount, lightweight collection of over 70  
    animals and more.


 • Book Stoppers- Bookends, Door Stops or Décor item.


 • Popular placement- Nurseries, Kids Rooms, Playrooms,
  Pediatric and Dental offices, Dens, Dorm rooms, etc.


 • Ships from New York


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 • NEW collection designed by the Albetta UK team


 • Decorative plush items designed for room décor, children’s play
    and dress up


 • Aesthetic is soft and pretty, whimsical styles


 • Themes are: dreamland, dress up, tea party and safari


 • Great styles for girls and girls


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 • A British baby brand founded in 1999 by a husband and wife

    team while working for UNICEF


 • Albetta UK is known for their high quality, unique


 • baby rompers and accessories that are imaginative and fun


 • The clothing line coordinates with an array of accessories, bibs,

    blankets, plush toys, etc


 • Albetta uses the purest, softest and finest cottons the line is

    nickel and azo dye free


 • Designs feature handmade embroidery, appliques, & crochet


 • Private label and custom manufacturing available


 • North American Sales & Distribution


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