BRANDS: children’s

     CLICK HERE for Albetta Spring Summer 2021 Line Sheets


 • A British baby brand founded in 1999 by a husband and wife

    team while working for UNICEF


 • Albetta is uniquely 100% pure cotton


 • Albetta UK is known for their high quality, unique baby rompers
    and accessories that are imaginative and fun


 • The clothing line coordinates with an array of accessories, bibs,

    blankets, plush toys, etc


 • Albetta uses the purest, softest and finest cottons the line is

    nickel and azo dye free


 • Designs feature handmade embroidery, appliques, & crochet


 • Private label and custom manufacturing available


 • North American Sales & Distribution




Please contact Fiona and her team directly in England


EFL KIDS is forever grateful to Fiona Walker for her creative, original and brilliant designs. Her amazing line helped pave the way to many of our fabulous and favorite clients ❤️.
We will remain loyal fans Fionas for years to come.