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EFL Sales represents the culmination of my years of experience as a fashion stylist, designer, entrepreneur, in-house corporate sales executive and mom of two young daughters (Elie and Farah, the E & F in EFL).  And that’s why you may find us a bit different than other rep firms.


We represent only select lines of chicly classic and modern Bedding, Baby Fashion & Home Décor Accessories from the US and UK (some you’ve never seen before!) that beautifully complement each other. I could see the growing trend to sell these categories together at gift and lifestyle stores, and we’re full of ideas of how buyers can choose from across these brands to create a cohesive and unique collection. (We also collaborate with buyers and brands on custom products.)


While I was responsible for conceiving EFL, my "third baby" couldn’t have been born without the incredible support and business savvy of my husband Tal, and Alexandra, my invaluable right hand whose career path continues to be linked with mine.


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